Let’s Get Mobile

The second and last Insight Technology Show Keynote that I have a copy of, unfortunately the one that I did in Amsterdam wasn’t recorded.

I’ll apologise for the variable audio quality in this recording. Whilst I was mic’d up for the PA I didn’t have feed from that into my MacBook Pro and so all of the audio was taken directly from the built-in microphone, that said the audio is pretty good.

Looking back at this it is quite surprising how much of this is still relevant 5 years on.


Integrating Apple into the Enterprise

Something slightly different and rolling the clock back to 2012, when I presented at Insight’s London Technology Show on how to integrate Apple devices into enterprise networks.

Seven years on and whilst a lot of the technology has changed I’m proud to say that the main themes are just as true now. There is a reason that people want to use┬áMac and iOS devices and if you try to manage them, and their users, in the same way that you manage your legacy estate then you destroy most of the value that they bring.

You may as well keep buying PCs instead. Hang on, maybe that’s what the network admin wants in the first place?