Are You Being Served?


After quite some time away I think it is time to breathe some life into the blog again. There will be brand new articles and videos in the very near future, but before I get to that something that I’ve been promising myself that I’ll post since I started this. It took me some time to locate a copy of the issue of MacLife which contained this article, and almost as long to get around to scanning it and tweaking the scan until I was happy.

The original concept was that this would be a 12-page article that could then be repurposed with a wraparound to make a stand-alone 16-page booklet. Of course that never happened.

So, on with the standard blurb…

Between 1997 and 2011 I worked for MacWarehouse UK and it’s successors and would, fairly regularly, contribute articles to the in-house magazine.

I don’t have copies of every issue but every now and then one turns up and so I am able to scan and post them. If anybody has copies hiding somewhere please let me know as I’d appreciate high-res scans of articles missing from my collection.

The particular one is from MacLife issue 5, dated August 2006. This is presented purely as a historical record as much, if not all, of the information contained in it may well have changed in the meantime.

Looking back at the article from a distance of 13-years it needed another pass of amendments as there are some howling great typos and sentence fragments missing. We never seemed to have enough time to run things through properly.

No prize, apart from the joy of spotting it if you can identify the theme for the section headings. I don’t think anybody noticed it at the time.

2006.08 – MacLife 05 – Are You Being Served? Spread 150

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